Welcome to Suffolk Witchcraft Training

Suffolk Witchcraft Training is a long established training group for seekers who are interested in Initiatory Witchcraft.  The training is run on behalf of a Gardnerian Coven in Mid-Suffolk. 

The training takes place over a two and a half year period and is carried out face to face.  Due to the rural location of the training, you will need to ensure that you have the necessary transport to attend.  We do not offer training over the internet. The training is only for people over the age of 21 who are life coping adults.

Like all genuine training in Initiatory Witchcraft it is offered free of charge.  The training is challenging and there will be some homework and home study.  The course covers topics and skill essential to being initiated into the Priesthood of the Mysteries and becoming a Witch.

The first part of the training is on a once a month basis over a year and a half.  In this period you will be learning 'the language' of the Craft and the Western Mystery Tradition, as well as learning techniques such as meditation and pathworking.  In the second part you will be part of an Outer Court and working with a mentor.  The second part is more practical in its approach and you will meet up for training eight times in the final year, corresponding with the Sabbats.  You will meet with your mentor once a month to discuss your progress.

Attending the training group is not a guarantee of being initiated into a coven.  You do not have to want to be initiated to take part in the course.  

The training requires a high degree of commitment, integrity and ability to be challenged.

If you are interested in joining the training group, contact us via the message form on this page.  We shall then send you a questionnaire and arrange to meet in person in a public place.

The next training course will be starting in September 2022

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